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Detoxify and Reduce Inflammation with this 7 Day Vegan Cleanse.

No hunger, no meal replacements, just delicious, nutritious food the way nature intended.

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Complete Step by Step 7 Day Meal Plan

Laid out from Monday to Sunday completely taking out any guess work


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Full Shopping List

Ensuring you have everything you need before starting the program

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Learn About Toxins and Inflammation

The reasons why toxins build up in your body (hint - it's not just food)!

Why a 7 Day Vegan Cleanse Program? 

Detoxify and reduce inflammation with this 7 day Vegan Winter Cleanse Program

I know first hand how effective this program is. Why? Because I do it at least twice a year! The first time I did this cleanse was right before I went plant based.

I approached a qualified nutritionist for help to reduce pain and inflammation caused by excess animal proteins, fat and sugar and processed foods. I was so impressed with how how much energy I had and how much better I felt after just one week. So impressed, in fact that I bought the rights to the program! Then I tweaked it just a little to incorporate more of my favourite plant based foods so that I could continue to use it over and over again as necessary. For example, I complete this cleanse just after the holiday period to help me get back on track with healthier food choices and to stop the cravings for the food (and drink) I may have overindulged in!

By following this cleanse, I learned more about the causes of obesity and disease and this 7 Day Vegan Cleanse is part of my mission to help others who want to do the same. In this case, by specifically helping them to detoxify and reboot their system.

So whether your goal is to drop a few extra pounds or simply to help reduce painful bloating or eliminate toxins and inflammation from your body, I've got you covered.

Here's what you'll get:

  • A complete step by step 7 day guided meal plan laid out from Monday to Sunday completely taking out any guess work
  • A handy summary of your breakfasts, lunches, snacks and evening meals for the week allowing you to look ahead and plan with ease.
  • Mouth watering plant based recipes designed to reduce toxins and inflammation and cleanse from the inside out
  • A comprehensive shopping list to ensure you have everything you need before starting the program
  • My top tips to ensure your success on the program
  • Direction on when to freeze extra portions so you can continue to nourish your body long after the program is complete
  • A morning cleanse protocol to help your body's natural toxin elimination process

Knowledge is power. You'll also learn:

  • why you should cleanse and reasons why toxins build up in your body
  • the problems that can result from toxic overload and inflammation

And because I'm all about reminding you that you can't fill from an empty cup, I've also included:

  • the protocol for my favourite self care practice: a super easy toxin elimination bath so you can unwind whilst reducing inflammation, muscle aches and pains and get used to the habit of taking time for yourself.

There's no hunger and no meal replacements here - just a whopping 55 pages of delicious plant based food the way nature intended.

Have any questions about the program? No problem, just email [email protected] and I'll be happy to help.


What others are saying...

I struggle with holiday overindulgence and sugar addiction but I've used this meal plan a few times to help get me back on track to eating healthier foods. Otherwise I just find the transition from overindulgence to healthier eating a struggle because the sugar just gets the better of me. Thank you for this plan, it really is amazing value for the results it produces in such a short space of time. I got exactly the results I was after. 

Rebekah, Birmingham UK


Bless you for offering this plan. I was looking for a vegan plan in particular and thanks to you, I found one that wasn't just about drinking shakes or starving myself. I never felt hungry on this plan and the difference to my mood and energy levels in such a short space of time was incredible. 

Kelly, Peterborough UK


The meals are tasty and simple to make. Very happy with my purchase, thank you!

Sarah, Bristol UK

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